Hand Made Chocolate and Truffles

Sourced from independent manufacturers in England and Belgium we offer a range of at least 50 chocolates and truffles by weight or in gift boxes. At any time our range will include white, milk and dark chocolates and we regularly stock new flavours in addition to our core range.


By weight in a gift bag: 100g / £4.50 (1/4lb roughly £5.40)

If you wish to order for delivery we will supply a general assortment. Please tell us if you have any particular requirements - e.g. a particular colour of ribbon, text on a gift tag, only dark chocolates, no alcohol, avoid nuts, only violet creams etc. 


Boxes Available:                              



                            Box of 8 - £6                                                         Box of 15 - £10




                    Box of 20 - £14                                                           Box of 30 - £20                       



                                                       Box of 45 - £30