Old Favourites: Sold by Weight or in Gift Jars.

This is a selection of our usual stock.


Pontefract Cakes Allsorts Catherine Wheels Lions Liquorice Gums Comfits
Liquorice Cuttings Cream Rock Wands Poor Bens Black & White Mints
Single Salt Zouts Pipes Barratt Sticks Torpedoes Liquorice Satins
Halva Soft Cuttings Halva Soft Strawberry Joris Single Salt Zouts Joris Sweet Belgas School Chalk
Liquorice and Blackcurrant Liquorice Flyers Liquorice Root Honey Liquorice  



Mint Imperials Everton Mints Butter Mints  Mint Creams  Chocolate Peppermint Creams 
Humbugs Bullseyes Spearmint Chews  After Dinner Mints  Black Bullets 
Uncle Joe's Mintballs Berwick Cockles   Lutti Mint Creams    


Hard Boiled 

Pear Drops Sherbet Lemons Yorkshire Mixture  Kop Kopps Rhubarb and Custard
 Cola Chunks Pineapple Chunks   Scented Satins Clove Drops  Barley Sugars
Rosey Apples Sour Apples  Acid Drops Army & Navy  Summer Fruits 
Aniseed Balls Fishes Aniseed Twist Cough Candy Twist  Glucose Fruits 
Chocolate Limes  Lime Satins Sherbet Straws Mixed Balls  Chocolate Fruits 
 Sherbet Pips  Blue Raspberry Pips    Cola Pips  Fruit Pips  Strawberry & Cream Pips 
 Mixed Fruit Rock Rhubarb Rock  Clove Rock  Pineapple Rock  Sarsaparilla Tablets 
Liquorice & Blackcurrant Grays Herbals  Bonfire Toffee    
Throat & Chest Honey & Lemon Cherry Menthol Blackcurrant Menthol Menthol & Eucalyptus
Mega Sours etc. Fruits Lemon Cherry Raspberry
  Bubblegum Chilli Strawberries Chilli Gingers Zombie Bombs



Lions: Midget Gems Wine Gums Football Gums Poor Bens
  Fruit Salad Liquorice Tablets     
 Bonbons:  Raspberry Strawberry  Apple   Lemon
   Toffee  Rhubarb & Custard  Cherry  Blackcurrant
   Vimto  Tango    
Millions:  Raspberry Bubblegum  Banana  Cola 
   Blackcurrant Strawberry  Vimto  Apple 
  House Mix      
Toffees: Assorted Treacle Liquorice Rum & Butter
  Mint Banana Jamesons Caramels Buchanans Caramels
  Russian Caramels Brazil Nut Butter  
   Ginger Creams  Summer Creams  Fruit Buds  Chewing Nuts
  Floral Gums   Cherry Lips   Coconut Mushrooms  Sweet Baccy